Welcome Country Line Dancers!

This site provides resources for aspiring and experienced country line and couples dancers with links to lessons, classes and venues so you can improve, show off your skills, or just plain have fun! Yee Haw!!!!

Learning the Dance Steps

Don't Just Stand There...learn the steps!

The music is so compelling that it makes you want to move, no matter that you're a beginner! When I was inquiring about the best approach to learning how to dance, an experienced dancer suggested that it was important to learn the various dance steps as a first step (pun intended) prior to trying to learn the dances. Some of the steps used in Country Line (and couples dancing) are:


Where to dance on Sunday

Wow are we lucky! Especially if you live near Quakertown, PA. Now there is some place to dance and take lessons every Sunday. Used to be that every other Sunday, (and the same every other) Prospectors in Mount Laurel, NJ and Swing Kat in Pottstown, PA were hosting dances and lessons but now El Toro Loco at Montana West in Quakertown has 6PM lessons and dancing every Sunday as well.

All 3 venues are family friendly on Sunday - under 21 age group welcome!

So when we say: "See you on Sunday", we now have a variety of venues from which to choose.

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